General Questions

Is Depsilon a broker?

No, Depsilon is not a broker or a trading platform.

Does Depsilon invest on my behalf?

At the moment, Depsilon and/or any of its public products/services do not execute any investment or trade in the financial or monetary markets on your behalf. We limit ourselves to show you the best and more profitable investment opportunities so you can invest in them by yourself with your preferred broker.

Is Depsilon regulated?

Depsilon is in complete regulations with its local state law and the federal law of The United States of America government. We are not regulated by any foreign government law that our local one.

Does depsilon Investisseur™ ensure profits?

Investisseur does not ensure any kind of specific profitability. Although it is built to make you earn the highest possible returns, it is still subject to market risk that escapes from anyone's control.

Need more specific help?

Everyone need helps from time to time! Send us an email to